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Apart from using comics in my scholarship, I have also been incorporating comics into my teaching in every course I have taught during the length of my PhD, including in classes like "Adaptations and Animations in Global Film" and in "Contemporary World Literature". Between 2020-summer 2021, I got the opportunity to teach three exclusively comics classes:  "Comics, Culture and Identity" and "The Politics of Cartooning" and "Comics and Illness: An intro Graphic Medicine." 

In all of these classes I have used the same basic principles I do in my own work. One of the major assignments in these classes is a "Visual Annotation Project", inspired by Nick Sousanis's classes on comics--the resources of which, Nick generously shares with the world. The other is a "Make Your Own Comic" project that I have found students tend to have a lot of fun with. Students also have the option of submitting a multimedia project in lieu of a self-drawn comic. I am attaching some examples along below (shared with permission from the students).

I wrote an article on Gradhacker, Insider Higher Ed on teaching with multi-modal projects. You can read it here

Course Samples
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Sample Syllabus:

Sample Syllabus
Visual Annoation

Examples of Visual Annotations by students in my Comics and Culture Class:

Student Projects

Examples of Multi-Modal student Projects:

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