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Sketchnotes according to Mike Rohde are "are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-lettering, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines." 

To me, they are mostly a fun way to remember key concepts, and something to do with my hands when listening to long talks. 

Hillary Chute on MAUS as a Text of Resistance

MAUS NOW: Spiegelman's Graphic Novel and the Present Tense.
April 28, Stony Brook University

Sketchnote by Kay Sohini

Nick Sousanis on Graphic Scholarship

Transitions 9, a London based symposium on comics research.
April 2021

N Sousanis Keynote.jpg

MK Czerwiec and Lisa Diedrich in conversation on Graphic Medicine

Event in the Drawing|Teaching|Healing: Graphic Medicine in Action series, Stony Brook. 
May 2021.

Sketchnote, MK Czerwiec Talk copy.jpg

Comics and Publishing

Sketchnote of a talk I attended on comics publishing, hosted by the MSU Comics Forum.
February 2021

MSU Panel Sketchnote, Kay S copy.JPG

Pandemic Narratives

September, 2021. Stony Brook University. 
See more:

Pandemic Narratives Sketchnote, KS.png
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